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K. Laiana Wong



Dr. K. Laiana Wong’s focus area of teaching is Hawaiian worldview. He is interested in investigating Hawaiian as it existed during a time when there were more speakers. In order to revitalize the language, it is necessary to know its past in order to maintain a link to its present. As we constantly deal with new phenomena that did not exist in the past, it is necessary, as we use the language in new contexts, to invent news ways of speaking to accommodate those changing contexts. We must always endeavor to maintain that link as it allows us to make legitimate our claim that we are indeed revitalizing the language of our kūpuna. As part of this effort to revitalize our language, it is necessary to increase its cachet in the community. One of the primary ways he does this is by writing a Hawaiian language newspaper column each week in the Honolulu Star Advertiser called Kauakūkalahale and refusing numerous requests to provide written translations in English. He is also involved in the preparation of teachers for the Hawaiian Language Immersion Program.

Keʻena: SPAL 458

Helu Kelepona: (808) 956-6419

Leka Uila:

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