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English Synopsis: When newcomers first see the dry fields of Pukaiki–a small town to the north of Puʻuwai, Niʻihau–they may assume that no water exists there. However, the natives of Pukaiki know that fresh water can be drawn from a hidden fresh water spring, Kawaimāpuna. The waters of this spring provided sustenance for Dr. A. Kuuipolani Kanahele Wong, a native of Pukaiki and the Director of the Mānaleo Program at Kawaihuelani, named “Ka Pāwehe Waimāpuna”.


Prior to Dr. Kanahele Wong's tenure as director of Ka Pāwehe Waimāpuna, faculty & students were only able to engage with mānaleo through the weekly Mānaleo Office Meetings. When she became the director of the Mānaleo Program in 2006, Dr. Kanahele Wong created 4 new and innovative learning opportunities through which the faculty & students of Kawaihuelani and the Hawaiian language community could engage with native speakers of Hawaiian: Kaulakahi Aloha, Ka Waihuna O Ka Naʻauao, Lā Mānaleo and #mānaleomondays.

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