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300 Level

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HAW 301 Third-Level Hawaiian (3) Continuation of 202. Conducted in Hawaiian. Advanced conversation and reading. Pre: 202 or exam, or consent. HAW 302 Third-Level Hawaiian (3) Continuation of 301. Pre: 301 or exam, or consent. HAW 321 Hawaiian Conversation (3) Systematic practice on various topics for control of spoken Hawaiian. Repeatable up to six credit hours. Pre: 202 or consent. HAW 331 Hawaiian Composition (3) Intensive work in the grammatical, semantic, and pragmatic dimensions of composition writing in Hawaiian. Pre: 202. HAW 332 Listening Comprehension and Transcription (3) Development of listening comprehension through transcription and discussion of tape recordings. Pre: 202. HAW 345 Ulu ka Hoi (3) Lecture offering focused study and creation of Hawaiian language newspapers with a concentration on the characteristics of writing in this genre. Students will produce a monthly newsletter in Hawaiian. Repeatable one time. Pre: 302 (or concurrent) or consent. DH HAW 373 Ka Moʻomeheu Hawaiʻi (3) A survey course on the study of traditional Hawaiian culture including origins, the socioeconomic system, land tenure, religion, values, and the arts. The course will be taught in Hawaiian. Pre: 302 (or concurrent) or consent. DH HAW 383 Hana ʻOe a Kani Pono-Hawaiian Radio Broadcasting (3) Combined lecture/lab involving students in the planning and production of a weekly Hawaiian language radio broadcast. Includes research, writing, and voicing of mele and their stories on live radio. Repeatable one time. Pre: 302 or 384 (or concurrent with consent), or consent. DH HAW 384 Ka Haku Mele (3) Composers and Their Compositions. Provides a venue which will allow students to analyze, dissect and discuss mele (song, poetry and chant), paying close attention to the style of composition by identifying reoccurring nuances found in mele composed by the same as well as various authors. Pre: completion of 202 or consent. (Once a year)

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