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600 Level (Master's)

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Service Description

HAW 601 Kākau Moʻolelo (3) Analyzes various genres of written Hawaiian literature. HAW majors only. Pre: graduate standing and 402, or consent. HAW 602 Kākāʻōlelo Oratory (3) A survey of oral performance styles to build increased oral skills. Pre: graduate standing and 601, or consent. HAW 604 Haku Palapala Noi Laeoʻo/Writing a Hawaiian Master’s Proposal (3) Seminar to select and develop students’ research topic, proposal, and organizational plan for Plan A or B completion. A-F only. Pre: 601 or consent. (Once a year) HAW 605 Ka Hana Noiʻi (Research Methods) (3) Research methodology course utilizing active research in the major repositories of Hawaiian language materials and Hawaiian-related knowledge. A-F only. Pre: graduate standing and acceptance in the Hawaiian MA program, or consent. (Once a year) HAW 612 Nā Manaʻo Politika Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian Political Thought) (3) Study of Hawaiian political thought in writing from ca. 1825 to the present, with emphasis on theory and research methods. Pre: 402, 428, and POLS 303; or consent. (Cross-listed as POLS 612) HAW 615 Kuanaʻike (3) The examination of Hawaiian ways of speaking, as contrasted with English focusing on those features that are uniquely Hawaiian and can be said to constitute a Hawaiian worldview. Section 1 taught in Hawaiian; Section 2 taught in English. Pre: 402 or consent for Section 1. HAW 625 Moʻolelo Hawaiʻi (3) Intensive study, research, and analysis of Hawaiian history. Repeatable two times with consent of advisor. Pre: 402 or consent. HAW 638 (Alpha) Nā Mea Kākau/Nā Haku Moʻolelo (3) Intensive study of an individual author, his/her works and nuances of his/her works. (E) J. H. Kanepuʻu; (I) S. M. Kamakau. Pre: 601 or consent. (Once a year) HAW 643 Ke Aʻo ʻŌlelo Hou ʻAna (Teaching Hawaiian As a Second Language) (3) Survey of existing texts and teaching resources; analysis of student clientele and needs; review of pedagogical approaches for heritage and non-heritage learners; syllabus and materials development; practicum. Pre: 401 and 452 or consent. HAW 652 Pilina ʻŌlelo (3) In-depth examination and research into the grammar of Hawaiian including discussion of theories of language and incorporation of meta-language. Pre: 452 or consent. (Once a year) HAW 653 ʻŌlelo Niʻihau (3) Intensive, advanced study and analysis of traditional Hawaiian Ni’ihau dialect through face-to-face conversations with Niʻihau native speakers, listening to audio recordings and watching video recordings of Niʻihau native speakers. Pre: 402 or consent. HAW 684 Noiʻi Mele (3) Intensive study focusing on original compositions of Hawaiian poetry and song. Pre: 402 and 484, or consent. HAW 695 Papahana Laeoʻo (V) Research for Plan B project/non-thesis. May include but not limited to internship with cultural practitioner. Repeatable up to six credits. CR/NC only. Pre: consent of graduate advisor. HAW 699 Directed Research (V) Repeatable unlimited times. A-F only. Pre: consent of instructor and graduate chair. HAW 700 Noiʻi Pepa Laeoʻo (Thesis) (V) Research for master’s thesis. Repeatable unlimited times.

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